Small Space Domain Awareness Payload

This summer, interns Seth Parker and Patrick Cremin set out to design a small form-factor payload to view satellites from high altitudes and low-earth-orbits. This solution will provide space domain awareness in an affordable manner to be able to proliferate sensors to maintain custody of satellites in orbit even when ground observers are weathered-out.

Both Seth and Patrick reported learning more with our Palski & Associates team than in a university class. Patrick said he learned how to use Xilinx Design Suite and SoC Design, as well as basic computer architecture, embedded system development, low-level camera interfacing, Linux developing, and C++. Seth reported an improvement in his embedded system development, basic networking, modeling/simulation and basic control theory skills. He also learned how to use SoC Design with Xilinx and OpenCV and image processing.

Their journey isn’t quite over yet; Patrick and Seth will be continuing to develop this project at a smaller capacity as they return to school in the coming months. Their hard work and recommendations for continuation of the project will be very beneficial for the future of Palski & Associates.