Our Story

of the polo that prompted this company

Palski & Associates was conceived by a small group of young, extraordinary Lockheed Martin satellite system engineers in 2007

The team had just successfully demonstrated the capabilities of an experimental satellite system and was celebrating over a dinner that Mike and Kathryn hosted. Mike gave out plaques recognizing each team member and told stories of their dedication and their growth in technical expertise over the 3-year project.

After he finished, the deputy chief engineer surprised Mike with a gift from the whole team– a polo shirt with the logo “Palski & Associates.” As the years went by, Mike fondly remembered the team. Kathryn had similar experiences leading teams to achieve extraordinary results with DuPont and Koch Industries.

In March 2014, the two decided to create “Palski & Associates” – a systems engineering and technical assistance company that currently supports the USSF in Los Angeles and Colorado Springs, as well as NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. 

We support our customer’s mission success by providing system engineering and technical assistance (SETA) from highly skilled, innovative satellite engineers. Our vision is to create a culture that emulates the technical growth and teamwork that was demonstrated by the 2007 team.