In 2023 Palski & Associates participated in a local initiative and adopted a Colorado Springs park. We have had 24 employees to date volunteer their time to help pick up trash and help with the safety of this neighborhood park in downtown Colorado Springs. We are grateful for our awesome employees who have donated their …

Palski 2023 Intern Project

Palski Intern Project

Over the summer, Palski engineering student interns from Penn State and Rochester Institute of Technology created a scene generator widget to be added into Palski’s US Space Training Application.  This widget will provide a pictorial view of spacecraft location during simulations, which will help students understand use of independent measurement sources to recognize real- world estimation anomalies that can often cause mission failure.

To complete this project, the intern team had to learn about camera specifications like field of view and instantaneous field of view, sensitivity, image generation & processing, and how to update the pre-existing US Space Training Application code to add the functionality of the Simulator widget. Back-end analytics were developed in C++ and Image generation was developed using OpenGL, which is a cross-platform API for rendering 2D and 3D graphics, and OpenCV, which is a comprehensive library of programming functions for real-time computer vision. The interns are excited to have worked on something this summer that will provide real value to Military Space Training.

2023 Annual Palski & Associates Ski Trip

Palski employees gathered in Dillion, Colorado to ski at Keystone! The trip was great as the mountains had fresh snow and everyone had a great team building weekend!

Employee Anniversary Lunch

Palski employees gathered in our training room on January 31, 2023, to congratulate one of our employees on his 5-year anniversary with Palski & Associates. We packed the room for the celebration!

2022 Palski & Associates Annual Holiday Party

Our holiday party was held at the Space Foundation in Colorado Springs in December 2022. The evening included viewing the museum, a very special musical guest, delicious food, and the presentation of PANDA awards for some of our amazing high-achieving employees and a Panda! At Palski we appreciate our passionate, hard-working employees. We place a …

Top Golf Outing

Palski and Associates invited some college seniors interested in our company for an on-site visit in November, 2022. Mike and Kathryn Palski, along with several other Palski staff members, accompanied the candidates to Top Golf that evening for dinner and some fun. Despite the cold temps (and light on-and-off blowing snow) it was a great …

Contract Award

Palski & Associates, as a subcontractor to ABSI Aerospace & Defense, was awarded a contract to provide additional course material, hands-on learning capabilities and classroom instruction to the expanding Space Test Fundamentals (STF) class at the Air Force Test Pilot School (TPS), Edwards Air Force Base in CA. We are actively working to prepare for …

Summer Interns 2022

This summer, a Palski intern team developed an environment for simulation of autonomous RPO’s using agents trained in a Reinforcement Learning framework. The environment allows for the simulation of the actions of multiple agents simultaneously, allowing new strategies for uncooperative RPO’s to arise organically. The current iteration of this project has been used to train …

June 2022 Rafting Trip

Several Palski & Associates employees went white water rafting down the Royal Gorge on a Saturday in June. This is one of the many fun outdoor activities in Colorado. This was not a company sponsored event; however, 17 employees participated and had a really fun day!

2022 Annual Palski & Associates Ski Trip

Our team had a great time in Breckenridge skiing together! Night one was a lovely Italian dinner cooked by our owners Kathryn and Mike Palski. Night two, a private chef came to the home. These trips are so important for team building, not to mention a ton of fun!