Space Domain Awareness Report

Many members of the space and intelligence agency miss out on relevant information on what’s happening in space. There are often too many satellites of interest, new launches, and decayed objects to manually parse through on a regular basis. For this reason, the Space Domain Awareness Report (SDAR) was created to enable a consistent and accurate flow of information to those on the mailing list.

While using open-source information on satellite location in training programs on Space Domain Awareness, Palski & Associates employees have found that most professionals in the mission area do not have the available time to analyze changes in the environment.

Our summer intern Ben Capeloto, a student at the University of Colorado at Boulder, is enhancing the algorithms we have used for training and creating an automated report based on analysis of open-source catalog data. As of the 29th of June, we have successfully generated a Beta version of the SDAR with viable information. Our plan is to mature the report and begin weekly distribution by July 31st.

With the Space Domain Awareness Report, information relating to the movements of satellites will be gathered much more efficiently. Because this report will be completely automatic, users’ time will not be wasted using tedious practices to gather information manually. All users will have consistent and accurate information regarding the current status of satellites. If you value efficiency while gathering satellite movement data, you can sign up to receive the beta version of the SDAR by emailing us with your name, an email where you would like to receive the report, and your citizenship information.