Intern Project 2020

Palski and Associates is preparing for our 2020 Intern project in Colorado Springs, CO.

Interns will work in Palski & Associates Hardware Lab (HWL), developing hands-on experience in systems design of satellite and payload technologies. They may have the opportunity to work on one of the following projects:

  • Developing command & telemetry control and interface on a 12U compatible flight computer
  • Investigating and prototyping small form-factor payload technologies for developing a 3D view of the local area about a satellite
  • Updating the design and capabilities of a 12U cubesat to ride-along with DARPA’s Geosynchronous Servicer for inspecting a satellite to be serviced.

Previous interns at Palski have successfully executed the below projects, and have later joined our team as full-time employees.

In 2018, interns built our Rendezvous & Proximity Operations (RPO) lab, which can simulate rendezvous with a Resident Space Object (RSO) in multiple orbit formations. The lab is leveraged to test and refine the design for on-board relative navigation estimation and control software as well as related mission planning and reaction autonomy algorithms.

In 2019, interns upgraded image pre-processing software and tracking algorithms used in the RPO lab to confirm sensor processing as well as Relative Navigation estimator performance. This capability is used to validate stability of different sensor processing approaches in a variety of lighting conditions.

In 2019, interns modified interfaces of a ground telescope to observe, track, and determine the orbit of satellites in Geosynchronous orbit.